Community Information

  • Single family home property owners association.
      • Community organization helps maintain a consistent and attractive community appearances and provides for common area maintenance and improvements. 
  • When driving through the community, keep speeds below 25 MPH and watch out
Board Members:

Stephen MacRae


Don Summers


John McNaught


Mike Way



Owners are responsible for the following:
  • Trash disposal.
  • All property maintenance and landscaping.
    • New construction and lot improvements must be approved before work is begun.  
    • All exterior changes must be approved before work is begun. 
    • Do not cut up downed trees on other owner’s property for firewood without permission from the lot owner. 
Association Owner Assessments:
  • $150 per quarter.  
    • Payments are due on the first of January, April, July, and October.
    • Payments must be delivered to the Association office.
      • The Highlands of Rawley Homeowners Association, 202 North Liberty Street Suite 101, Harrisonburg VA 22802
  • Assessments cover the following expenses:
    • Roadside shoulder mowing.
    • Road grading and gravel.
    • Road, bridge, and mailbox maintenance.
    • Road snow removal.
    • Management.
    • State licensing and insurance. community management provides:
  • Community information
  • Community inspections.
  • Rules enforcement.  
  • Association financial management.
  • Association organization management.